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The Eighth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia


The Eighth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia


Ladies and gentlemen,
We are inviting you to the Eighth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia.
During our past seven Conferences, we have achieved the following:


In the preparation of the Eighth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia, we are investing great efforts to make it at least as successful as the previous Conferences.

Program of the Eighth Conference

Partner Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
It is a great honour to have the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as partner country, and their Ambassador to the Republic of Croatia will open the Conference.

Olympic Games in London
This year is the year of the Olympic Games in London. In terms of real estate development, the grand project of the London Olympic Games will be presented by a group of experts from London, who have been actively involved in this project. From finding the site for the construction of the Olympic Park in 2005 until the completion of the Big Build in 2011, East London has undergone an extraordinary transformation. An area with unused potential has been developed into a spectacular urban park with first-rate use of space and new infrastructure. A model of the Project will be exhibited in the lobby of the Esplanade Hotel, and a certified expert from London will present the details of the Project to conference participants.

Croatia Joining the EU
Next year Croatia will join the EU. We feel that this is a huge step forwards and we would already like to take the opportunity to congratulate all who have participated in this process. This is a step that will have a major impact on property market development in Croatia. And precisely this is the topic that is most important for this Conference. The Conference will discuss development plans for Croatia within the European Union and a series of concrete measures and procedures related to this issue.

"Green" Projects
"Green" projects will also be discussed in great detail. We are particularly pleased that the activities of the Green Building Council in Croatia, of which we are one of the co-founders, have been exceptionally fruitful and efficient in the recent period. This is why the agenda includes a session with presentations of "green" projects, whether in the preparation stage or being built in line with the best practice and principles of green building. Participants at the Conference will be acquainted with the details of green building development in Croatia, the training work and all other important steps being undertaken in this area.

Turbulent Stage of the Real Estate Market
It is beyond question that the real estate market is currently at quite a turbulent stage. Where is the end to this? What are the forecasts? What are the results of the various analyses? What is the time horizon for individual market segments? How can we be sure not to miss important signals from the market? How can we shape our business focus? In what direction, with what intensity and with what aims should further business activities be planned? Conference participants will get the answers to these and to some other questions during the presentations by the Round Table participants, who include leading consultants, analysts, architects, urban planners, sociologists and economists.

Tradition and Standard
As has been the tradition at all of our previous conferences, we will have five separate panels dealing with five different segments of the property market. This has become our standard, this is what the participants of the Conference expect from us, and we believe that this kind of approach complies with all the professional standards for such a conference. However, although the panels have become standard, their content changes from year to year – the topics change, the projects presented are different, the speakers change, and the views and opinions presented change as well. And precisely this is the benefit that these panels provide. Naturally, this is how it is going to be this year as well.

Tourism is an important motor of the entire Croatian economy. The focus of this year’s panel on tourism will be the relationship between the large, internationally renowned tourism brands and their business operations on the one hand and the large number of small family hotels on the other. What is their mutual relationship? Are they a unified whole or is there some disharmony? What do guests expect from Croatian tourism? What measures need to be implemented for Croatian tourism to fulfil the expectations of our guests, and the expectations in terms of the entire national economy?

Shopping Centres
Regardless of everything, the Croatian shopping mall sector is still developing. New shopping centres are being prepared and built. The existing ones are becoming consolidated and preparing for the upcoming competition. What are the current trends? What is being offered that is new in conceptual terms? Are we to expect new, major players? Precisely in the segment of retail centre development, there is a whole range of issues and mutual relationships to be discussed in the areas of macroeconomics, financial projections, urban planning, architecture, sociology and psychology, trend assessment, analysis of overall purchasing power, interdependence of developers, financiers, investors, competitors, users and buyers.

Office Projects
At the panel dealing with office projects, several concrete projects will be presented and topics from this market segment will be discussed. What is the current situation on the market of office premises in Zagreb? What surface area of office premises is actually available within categories A, B and C? What are tenants looking for? What are the “migration” patterns of office premises tenants? Are trends moving upwards, downwards or towards smaller premises? What are the right moves to make? And – very intriguing – how can we take important steps forward in the development of new or renewal of old projects by applying the “green” or “energy-efficient” approach?

Logistic Centres
After some stagnation, there has again been an increase in the building of logistic centres. This panel will present and analyse several exceptionally large projects. What are their special characteristics? What are the financial models? What does their success depend on? To what extent does their fate depend on the overall trends in the economy and in individual industries? Development of logistics is an important indicator of overall economic growth and realisation of these projects is certainly an encouraging sign.

As there is still continued and unquestionable interest in the segment of housing construction, this year a panel has been dedicated to these issues as well. Where are we now? What measures should developers, the banks and the state implement to resolve the current situation? Are positive developments possible, within which time-frame and with what effects? What cycles can we predict? What about taxation policies, particularly with respect to the property tax? An analysis and synthesis of housing policies at a time like this is very demanding, but also promising.

Besides the five standard panels, the Conference agenda also includes a series of other panels.

Without developers, there can be no real estate development. It is the developers who are the initiators, those who undertake projects and take risks. They are on the frontline, often misunderstood, often underestimated. But they are the ones who are the motor, the locomotive. Maybe the Croatian word for developers could be construction entrepreneurs. For this, there are many arguments in both tradition and etymology. However, what is very important is that we will have several exceptionally major developers on the developers’ panel, who will present their experience and attitudes regarding the development of major projects in Croatia.

Financial Triangle
Financiers and investors, together with developers, form a kind of financial triangle. This relationship is crucial for the development of the property market as a whole. What kind of harmony or disharmony exists between these three? Is there multiple and multi-layer asymmetry in their respective perceptions and communication? This will be the topic of the panels dedicated to financing and investments. Does Croatia joining the EU mean the arrival of new major players with new strategies and objectives?

Architecture, Urban Planning and Law
As always, fields such as architecture, urban planning and law will have strong representatives, who will be speaking on the most topical issues of their respective professions, which are very important for real estate market development.

Project Presentations
This year in particular, we will be presenting more projects than ever. This is indicative of the development of the Croatian market into a mature market. The presentations will include projects in their initial stages, in the building stage and finalized projects. This time dimension in project development is very important, because it shows the interdependence of certain issues, it shows that multiple pre-conditions exist that have to be met, and though separate, these issues are unquestionably intertwined. With the development of each project, the awareness of their developers grows as well. But experience often comes when it is too late. How should a project be conceived so that it can stand the test of time, the test of changes, competition, the market and the new circumstances that occur in a period of several years – from the concept design, through the building stage to the utilization stage? The presentation of these projects will give us the opportunity to analyse and think through these situations.

As always, the speakers will include the most competent people from Croatia and abroad, who have made a name for themselves in this industry, based on their years of work and their professional success.

As always, as has become our tradition, we are very happy to prepare this Conference for all our loyal and distinguished participants, and for those who are yet to join us. 

We would like You to be a part of our Conference. We should all remind ourselves what is the meaning of the words work, persistence, credibility, a faith in a better tomorrow, support, respect. Those are the things that we all need and should give to each other. This Conference is an opportunity to do that, to listen, to talk, advise each other, exchange opinions and new ideas. We shall find strength, support, understanding and respect with each other in the same spirit. Those are the basis for our next step in life and business.

The Conference Program will be published soon.


Conference is among other an excellent and special opportunity for promotion of your company.

According to the sponsorship fee and the type of promotion, there are the following types of sponsors:

We are inviting you to express your interest into sponsorship. We shall be more than glad to send you Conditions and Terms of Sponsorship, as well as to hold a meeting during which we can further discuss all sponsorship conditions.


The Seventh Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia was held on April 14 and 15, 2011 in the Regent Esplanade Zagreb Hotel. More than 450 people from 15 countries took part: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, the United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, the Netherlands and Greece.

Participants included local and foreign developers, investors, bankers, representatives of a variety of government bodies, architects, urban planners and other designers, professionals in the field of construction, real estate, legal and advisory services and experts. Report from this Conference can be seen at Croatian Real Estate Newsletter Vol. 55.

Despite the current economic conditions, we expect The Eighth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia to also receive the significant interest from the participants from Croatia and abroad.


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