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The Second Annual International Conference on real estate market in Croatia


The Second Annual International Conference on real estate market in Croatia

About the conference

On March 28 & 29, 2006 the Second Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia will be held at The Westin Zagreb Hotel.

The Conference will be held under the patronage of the Croatian Privatisation Fund, Civil Engineering Institue of Croatia, the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia and the Austrian Trade Commission. The Conference will be organized by Filipović Business Advisory Ltd.

The speakers will be presenting, at their own choice in English, German or Croatian, including simultaneous translation to the other two languages. The participants of the Conference can ask questions in any of the three mentioned languages.

The workshops and presentations will be held in Croatian, German or English and whether or not there will be simultaneous translation to the other two languages will be stated in the Conference program.

The Croatian real estate market

Land has always been the basis of life, work and value. It is the same today, when human energy, intellect, vision and ambitions are changing the world faster than ever. And Croatia’s landscape is changing rapidly and dramatically. New housing settlements, shopping centers and large business buildings are being built. Industrial zones are expanding. The Adriatic coast is turning into a giant construction site. The Croatian real estate market has become exceptionally dynamic, creative, powerful and challenging.

There has never been such a need for construction as now. Large companies that build or buy for their own needs are active on the market, along with domestic and foreign investors who build for the market, and buyers and users who buy or rent space for their own needs. A new profession has appeared—developers, who are rapidly capturing market share. The legal framework is of decisive importance for the purchase of real estate and for obtaining building permissions. Architecture and construction are the key functions in this area. Without appropriate financing and insurance, the real estate market cannot function. A whole set of professions, including architects, surveyors, real estate brokers and advisers, assessors, court experts, lawyers, auditors and public notaries, all have their role in the real estate business.

Purpose of the conference

Based on the above, it is clear that there is a strong need for this Conference. The Conference is a place to seek and find answers about many key questions relating to the real estate market. What kind of building is permitted, where and under what conditions? What is the present state of the market, what are the trends, business strategies, options and tendencies? Where is development going, what challenges can be expected, how can one prepare for the future? What are the main influences on the market, how can future steps be foreseen, how can one choose the right path? The conference is the place to meet and exchange ideas with all of the key players on the Croatian real estate market, and it is the place for you to get all the most important information about the Croatian real estate market.

Lectures and participants

Domestic and foreign lectures will speak at the conference, including top government officials, foreign experts, independent analysts, representatives of the most important investors, developers, constructors, financiers and insurers. A large number of participants are expected to attend the Conference, including representatives of the relevant government agencies, representatives of foreign embassies and international organizations in Croatia, representatives of the largest companies, investors, developers, banks, construction, tourism and insurance companies, architects, surveyors, consultants and real estate brokers, lawyers, auditors, notary publics and foreign investors, developers and consultants active in Central and East European countries.

Conference program

Conference program will be divided into lectures, workshops, panels and presentations of development projects.

First draft of the Conference program is available in Attachment 1.



Development of Real Estate in Croatia

Overall review of Croatian Real Estate market:

  1. Industrial Zones
  2. Residential Development
  3. Tourism on the Adriatic Coast
  4. Office Space
  5. Shopping Centers

Cities Zagreb and Vienna

Austria - partner country

Workshops, panels and presentations

Professional approach to real estate market demands a focused discussion about certain segments of market. Therefore, the second part of the Conference will be divided into a series of parallel workshops, panels and presentations. The list of the themes that will be discussed is listed below. Final schedule of workshops, panels and presentations depends on the number of participants and their interests. For that reason we kindly ask you to submit your suggestions and interests in regard to workshops, panels and presentations you would like to participate in, as well as issues you would like to discuss, not later than February 1st, 2006.

Due to the requirements of the Conference organization, only the workshops, panels and presentations that are found most important and for which the participants showed the highest interest will be included in the program.

1. Physical and Urban Planning
2. Architecture
3. Construction
4. Real Estate Financing and
5. Real Estate and Construction
6. Croatian Real Estate Law and
Construction Law
7. Taxation and Accountancy
8. Developers, Investment Funds and
Private Equity Funds
9. Facility Management
10. Media / Marketing / Branding / Education
11. Managing of the State Owned
12. Business and Legal Models for
Realization of Development

Workshop, panel and presentation form is available in Attachment 2. . We kindly ask you to, according to your interests, fill out the form and submit it not later than February 1st, 2006.

Presentation of development projects

1. Tourism
2. Office Space
3. Industrial Zones
4. Residential Development
5. Shopping Centers
This Conference is a good opportunity for the presentation of your company, your projects and your business interests.


We invite you to present your projects for which you believe are of greater value and have significantly contributed to the overall Croatian real estate market development. According to the information we will be given, the final Conference program will be made. To the greatest possible extent, the program will reflect your suggestions.

Development projects presentation form that contains conditions for the presentations is available in Attachment 3. . We kindly ask you to, according to your interests, fill out the form and submit it not later than February 1st, 2006.

Meetings and business connections

The Conference is an appropriate place for business meetings and connections. We intent to assist you with that the best we can. We, therefore, ask you to submit information and wishes concerning the organization of meetings and business connections as soon as possible. As soon as we receive your information we will do our best to organize these meetings correspondingly.

Meetings and business connections form is available in Attachment 4.



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