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The Sixth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia


The Sixth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia


Quintessentially RE-optimistic
May 04 & 05, 2010
The Regent Esplanade Hotel Zagreb, Croatia


Ladies and gentlemen,

We are inviting you to the Sixth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia.

During the past five years in our conferences we have achieved the following:


In the preparation of the Sixth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia, we are investing great efforts to make it at least as successful as the previous Conferences.

Special emphasis of the Program of the Sixth Conference will be put on analysis of present crisis, as on a debate how to conduct business, and what are the possibilities to do business successfully in the critical periods.

As in previous years, local and national media will provide media coverage for the Conference.


Program of the Sixth Conference

The main Conference issue will be the economic crisis also the Sixth Conference. All the topics, which are usually present on our Conferences, will be presented in regards to the existing economic crisis. In few days when you will look at the Conference Program, you will see that panel titles and topics that will be discussed at the Conference are significantly different than in previous years. Namely, it is considerably easier and more elegant to do business "in the time of peace" than "in the time of war", which is in these times of recession and great economic troubles very actual issue. Therefore, to the extent that is possible, we have given an attempt for titles and topics of the certain panels to be significantly more tangible, critical, distinctive and useful than it was the case when the Conference was held "in the time of peace". It is our opinion that the current times require this approach. Therefore, we are asking you to take our endeavors to make this Conference attractive as our efforts to prepare the Conference that is more useful and actual.

We think that in the crisis period, business people need to meet, talk, exchange their mutual experiences, recommend and suggest new ideas of business collaborations and business activities and jointly think about the crisis coming out models even more than in the regular periods.
By using this method, it is possible to come out of the crisis faster and even more effective. Nevertheless, sometimes a crisis allows (rare, creative and brave people) a greater business success, because crisis opens certain possibilities which are nonexistent in regular business conditions.
We consider that in the crisis periods it is necessary to find additional resources of energy, decision, creations and to seek new solutions.

Therefore we, especially this time, are inviting you to the Fifth Conference. In presentations of the individual topics, discussions with speakers and participants and discussions with all participants, together we will seek the answers to the questions regarding to the crisis analysis, crisis duration prognosis, models of crisis mitigation or crisis consequences avoiding and the models of business and results improving in the conditions of somewhat difficult business activities.

Conference program will divided into five thematic areas:

I. General Overview of the Croatian Real Estate Market

General Overview of the Croatian Real Estate Market will be shown through 5 market segments:

  1. Retail
  2. Tourism
  3. Office Space
  4. Industrial zones, logistic parks and warehousing
  5. Residential Development - Housing in Croatia & 100 Residential Projects in Zagreb.

II. The Role and the Significance of Real Estate Development in Croatia

Real estate market depends on many disciplines which in the process of property development are mutually intertwined and dependant one on the other. To create and maintain balanced development with successful structure, you need to have mutual coordination of public and private activities. Following topics will be discussed:

  1. Real Estate Financing
  2. Application of the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction
  3. Architecture
  4. Urbanism
  5. Croatian Real Estate Law and Construction Law
  6. Public-Private Partnership
  7. Croatian Hotel Industry
  8. Project and Area Presentations.

III. Developers of Large Projects in Croatia

With the development of the commercial real estate market in Croatia, industry of real estate development has grown in parallel. The industry is ambitiously and determinedly planning the development of large projects that will become the centre of social, entertainment and cultural life of cities.

Developers unite experts which are involved in all phases of the process of the emerging of the commercial real estate, from the very project planning, its construction, financing and property management. Project success is the synergy of the entrepreneurial spirit and expertise.

IV. Regional Real Estate Market

In recent years the Real Estate market in Central and Eastern Europe has gone through an unparalleled period of economic growth, with major investments into the region's property markets. The greatest investments have been in the office and commercial sectors, particularly around the capitals and larger cities of the region. Significant positive changes on the commercial real estate market have been established. What is the profitability of the projects, what were the problems pointed out by the crisis, and what are the new development opportunities?

V. Green Building in Croatia

The Green Building Council of Croatia was founded in September of 2009 as a not-for-profit organization that serves as a country-wide platform for the promotion of sustainable building practices. The Green Building Council of Croatia aims at encouraging changes in the design and construction of projects in the field of construction, and changes in the way they are used, with the aim of achieving sustainability and taking into account the interests of those who use these facilities, environmental protection, social accountability and profitability. The activities of the Green Building Council of Croatia are focused on cooperation with public and private sector in several key areas by providing information, training and promotion of green building.

Conference languages are Croatian and English.

The speakers will be presenting, at their own choice in English or Croatian language including simultaneous translation to the other language. The participants of the Conference can ask questions in any of the two mentioned languages.



Conference is among other an excellent and special opportunity for promotion of your company.

According to the sponsorship fee and the type of promotion, there are the following types of sponsors:


We are inviting you to express your interest into sponsorship. We shall be more than glad to send you Conditions and Terms of Sponsorship, as well as to hold a meeting during which we can further discuss all sponsorship conditions.



The Fifth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia was held on March 30 & 31, 2009 in the Westin Zagreb Hotel. More than 500 people from 15 countries took part: Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, USA and Estonia

Participants included local and foreign developers, investors, bankers, representatives of a variety of government bodies, architects, urban planners and other designers, professionals in the field of construction, real estate, legal and advisory services and experts were also present. Report from this Conference can be seen at Croatian Real Estate Newsletter Vol. 35.

Despite the current economic conditions, we expect The Sixth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia to also receive the significant interest of the participants from Croatia and abroad.


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