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The Tenth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia


The Tenth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia


Ladies and gentlemen,
We are inviting you to the Tenth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia! During our past nine Conferences, we have achieved the following:

To our extreme satisfaction, the nine annual international conferences on the real estate market in Croatia which we have organized from 2005 until today, have justified the expectations of the patrons, partners, sponsors, speakers and participants of those Conferences.



Tempus fugit – Time flies

Sed fugit interea, fugit irreparabile tempus, singula dum capti circumvectamur amore – “But meanwhile it flees: time flees irretrievably, while we wander around, prisoners of our love of detail.” The great Latin poet Virgil wrote this beautiful sentence in his famous Georgics. We humbly consider it somewhat appropriate to this moment. Thank you for your collaboration and support during these ten years. They were challenging, amazing, difficult, inspirational… During all these years, we have tried, together with you, to advance, work, understand and acknowledge each other, be positive. Several thousand people participated at the Conferences, we have had outstanding speakers, we have presented many excellent projects. Countless business contacts have been made. We have facilitated a transfer of a great number of important information. The Conferences served as business platforms based upon which a large number of different business arrangements have been realized. We hope that by doing so, we have together given a noticeable professional contribution to overall development of the real estate market in Croatia.

Our maximal enthusiasm, dedication, creativity and focus on every detail have been invested into the organization of every Conference. Your active participation and your encouragement were the best inspiration for the approach we had. We have jointly created an atmosphere filled with energy, intellect and mutual appreciation. We believe we have showed that we have the expertise, ambition and passion for the work we are in. Once again, thank you all for your professional and collegial engagement and contribution to the success of the Conferences.

Partners of the Tenth Conference

We are extremely happy that the Partner Country of the Tenth Conference is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, already the Partner Country of the Eighth and the Ninth Conference. The Main Institutional Patrons are The Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning and The Ministry of Tourism. The Patrons are American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia and Advantage Austria, Austrian Foreign Trade Office, the patrons of all nine Conferences. The Institutional Partner of the Tenth Conference is European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The Industry Partner is MIPIM, the world’s largest real estate fair in Cannes, France. The Technology Partner, like last year, is Siemens. The Partner Agency is Agency for Investments and Competitiveness.

Program of the Tenth Conference

Last year we have expanded our program with the following topics: How to Initiate Investment Projects, Major Infrastructure Projects, Energy – Renewable Energy Sources, Application of EU Law in Croatia, Green Building and New Investments, Public Sector Investments, Industry and Logistics, Development of Golf Projects, Architecture, Design and Art, Taxes and Real Estate, Real Estate Revitalization and Reconstruction. We will add more topics this year, to emphasize the interdisciplinarity and interconnectivity of different industries.

Main topics of the traditional Tenth Conference in Zagreb will be:


As always, the speakers will include the most competent people from Croatia and abroad, who have made a name for themselves in this industry, based on their years of work and their professional success.

As it has become our tradition, we are very happy to professionally and systematically prepare this Conference for all our loyal and distinguished participants.


Conference is, among other, an excellent opportunity for promotion of your company.

According to the sponsorship fee and the type of promotion, there are following types of sponsors:

We are inviting you to express your interest into sponsorship. We shall be more than glad to send you Conditions and Terms of Sponsorship, as well as to hold a meeting during which we can further discuss all sponsorship conditions.


The Ninth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia was held on April 9 & 10, 2013 at the Esplanade Zagreb Hotel. At the Conference there were 115 domestic and international speakers and altogether more than 500 participants. On the 23 interesting panels held, we underlined the most important topics in commercial real estate, energy, infrastructure, EU funds, green building and sustainability, all through a joint discussion.

Participants included local and foreign developers, investors, bankers, representatives of a variety of government bodies, architects, urban planners and other designers, professionals in the field of construction, real estate, legal and advisory services and experts in different fields. Report from that Conference can be seen at, Croatian Real Estate Newsletter Vol. 81.

Considering the importance of the Conference and an extensive Program, we expect The Tenth Annual International Conference on the Real Estate Market in Croatia to also receive the significant interest from the participants from Croatia, countries of the European Union and others.


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