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Brijuni International Golf Cup 2007


Brijuni International Golf Cup 2007


Dear Madams and Sirs,
Filipovic Business Advisory Ltd. is organizing a golf tournament BRIJUNI INTERNATIONAL GOLF CUP 2007 to be held on May 4 - 6, 2007 at Brijuni National Park.


Brijuni National Park - "Old Golf Course"

"Old Golf Course" characteristics:

Official practice day:

May 4th 2007 official preparatory training will be held for the players. The players can book their tee time in advance. Please contact the Tournament Secretary Mrs. Petra Grgurić.

Date and time of the golf tournament:

The golf tournament will be held on May 5th and 6th 2007.

May 5th 2007 the players will tee off at 10.00 am from the 1st and 10th hole.
May 6th 2007 the players will tee off at 09.30 am from the 1st and 10th hole.


The number of participants at the tournament is limited.

The registration forms will be considered until the complete number of participants is concluded.

Winner and Awards Ceremony:

May 6th 2007 at 3.00 pm after lunch.

Description of the golf course "Old Golf Course"

The Brijuni Islands is the optimum location for organizing golf tournaments. The Brijuni islands are an exceptional merger of natural values and of cultural-historical heritage. On a relatively small group of islands, whose surface is just above 7 sq km, there are approximately hundred sites and objects of archaeological or cultural and historical value from the period of the first Neolithic settlement of semi-sod houses in the bay of Soline up to the time of the fashionable summer and health resort at the beginning of the last century, and the presidential residence that was visited by statesmen from all over the world through a period of 25 years (between 1954-1979).

Golf on the Brijuni islands is an exceptional experience. Golf is played on a unique golf course dating from 1922, which was considered one of the largest and naturally most beautiful golf courses of that time.

In the spring of 2006, the complete golf course with all 18 holes was renewed.

The thing that attracts golfers most is the unique setting and atmosphere - the unspoiled natural environment, animals that move around freely, and playing golf on the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

The golf course is located in the north-eastern part of the island (PAR 71, SSS 71), it is 5,486 m long (length for ladies - 4,977 m).

In accordance with the ancient tradition of the Old Golf Course, the Course has sand greens.

Tehcnical organizer of the golf tournament

The technical organizer of the Brijuni International Golf Cup 2007 is the Professional Golf Association of Croatia. This is an association of professional golf players and coaches, which has been active since 1996 as a professional golf organization in Croatia. PGA of Croatia is a regular member of the PGA's of Europe, which includes 33 member states, and it is an associated member of the Croatian Golf Association. The PGA of Croatia will significantly contribute to the successful organization of the golf tournament given its professionalism and experience.

Brijuni International Golf Conference 2007

Filipovic Business Advisory Ltd. is organizing a golf conference BRIJUNI INTERNATIONAL GOLF CONFERENCE 2007 to be held on Monday, May 7th 2007, on the Brijuni Island the day after the tournament. This is a great opportunity for the players and visitors of the golf tournament to participate in the Golf Conference.

Speakers at the Conference will include:

The topics to be discussed at the Conference will include:

We invite the players and the visitors of the Golf Tournament to complete the application form and apply for the Golf Conference.


Contact Numbers

Name Contact
Nikola Smoljenović
Tournament Director
PGA of Croatia
Tel: 00385 1 6673 308
Mobile Tel: 00385 091 5688 365
Fax: 00385 1 6606 798
E-mail: [email protected]
Petra Grgurić
Tournament Secretary
Filipović Business Advisory Ltd.
Tel: 00385 1 4816 969
Mobile Tel: 00385 091 1312 980
Fax: 00385 1 4838 060
E-mail: [email protected]

PGA of Croatia Tournament Official

Nikola Smoljenović, Tournament Director (Rules).


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