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International Conference On The Real Estate Development In Albania


International Conference On The Real Estate Development In Albania



May 13 & 14, 2008
Tirana International Hotel, Tirana

Purposes of the Conference

The Conference will provide analysis of current situation of real estate development in Albania. Conference speakers will be members of Albanian government and other state bodies and entities, representatives of international organizations and professional associations, legal, financial and development experts and representatives of the investors, banks and investment funds. They will speak on trends, business strategies, options, tendencies, and opportunities. Recommendations for the improvement of the present situation in terms of legal, financial, environmental, and infrastructural aspects will be given. It will also explore a variety of remaining matters related to real estate.

Conference Program

The real estate development in Albania is growing and developing, both in size and scope. The development of the market in itself poses many questions and issues with which market players are being faced on a daily basis. It is natural that market participants look for information and discussions about all these questions and issues. Conference Program will be divided into five thematic areas:

The role and importance of real estate development in Albania for the entire development of the economy

The role and importance of real estate development in Albania for the entire development of the economy will cover general concept of the real estate development in Albania, and its influence on the economy and finance, as well as influence of economy and governmental policies on the real estate development. Legal, urbanistic, infrastructural, architectural, environmental, permit and license procedural, construction and financial issues of the real estate market in Albania will be presented through the following topics:

  1. How Real Estate Development Impacts the Economy and Finance of the Country
  2. Real Estate Law and Property Reform
  3. Spatial and Urban Planning, Environment, GIS
  4. Infrastructure as a Precondition for the Real Estate Development
  5. Architecture and Construction
  6. Real Estate Financing & Evaluation

Overall review of Albanian real estate market

Overall review of Albanian real estate market will be covered through five market segments. Each market segment will be presented by experts covering market trends, occupancy and vacancy rates, positioning, realized projects, projects in pipeline, figures from previous years, forecasts and movements for the upcoming years. These market segments are:

  1. Residential development
  2. Office space
  3. Industrial zones / Logistic parks
  4. Retail and high-street
  5. Tourism.

Also, case studies on important real estate projects will be presented.


Tirana is the capital of Albania and also the most important political, economic and cultural center of the country. Therefore, one Conference panel is dedicated to Tirana and its development strategies and projects.

Project Presentation

Albania is witnessing the development of large projects of commercial real estate in all sectors - housing, business premises, shopping centers, industrial zones / logistics parks and tourism.

Conference will present projects that are of greater value, which have significantly contributed to overall Albanian real estate market development.

Public-private partnership in real estate development

Public-private partnership (PP) in real estate development will give the review of the European experiences of realized projects as well as recognized practices and advantages of various types of PPP models for both the public and private partner. Public-private partnerships are viable in various sectors as well as through different operating models which will be presented at the Conference. Also, various case studies of the important projects will be presented. These important topics will be presented in two stages:

  1. European experiences
  2. Case studies.

Conference Languages

The speakers will be presenting, at their own choice, in Albanian or English. Simultaneous translation to the other language will be included. Participants of the Conference can ask questions in any of the two languages.


Conference is an excellent opportunity for promotion of the company. Therefore, we have prepared sponsorship possibilities. If you find Conference Sponsorship interesting enough, please contact us.

Conference Participants

Albania: Representatives of Albanian government and state offices, Chamber of Commerce, top construction companies, banks, largest companies, tourist companies, architects, real estate agents, law offices and auditors will be invited.

International: The representatives of international organizations, business communities, professional associations, top international investing companies, developers, construction companies, banks and real estate advisors, who are active in the Central and Eastern European Countries will be invited.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Sokol OLLDASHI, Minister
Ministry of Public Works, Transportation, and Telecommunication

Mr. Luigj ALEKSI, Chairman of the Board
National Builders Association

Mr. Edvin LIBOHOVA, President
Albanian Association of Banks

Mr. Philip BAY, President
The American Chamber of Commerce in Albania

Mr. Romeo SHERKO, President
ikubINFO Business Advisory

Mr. Edlir VOKOPOLA, President
Urban Research Institute

Mr. Vladimir FILIPOVIĆ, President of the Management Board
Filipović Business Advisory Ltd.


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